Who we are at THE CURE IS YOU is a group of individuals who came together with a commitment to make a lasting difference for humanity.

We are a difference that would change the conversation in the world and allow everyone to see and experience their own greatness – in some small or big way. We came together because we knew we needed to a difference. We needed to create something in the world that didn’t exist. So, we created THE CURE IS YOU.

Each of us has something in our life, perhaps many things, that don’t work. We have things that we tolerate, things that we go along with but we’d rather not. Things that simply don’t work.

We’ve come together to say, “No, we’re not going to tolerate it anymore. We’re not going to go along with the status quo. We’re not going to say it’s okay. We’re not even going to think about supporting it any longer, in any manner.”

We’ve come together to take a stand to say, “THE CURE IS YOU means it is me, it is us, IT IS YOU